Given this revolution, the Pharma Packaging and Labelling (PPL) Conclave, in its third edition will have as its theme 'Creating and capturing value through packaging' This year, experts and veterans will explore the current trends in packaging and assess their impact on the pharma sector's advancements.

They will evaluate the role of emerging technologies, novel materials and holistic designs to attain crucial objectives like supply chain integrity, anti-counterfeiting, reduction in medication errors, patient-centricity, sustainability, regulatory compliance, innovation in drug development, brand identity and customer loyalty.

Industry leaders at the event will also examine the key challenges in large-scale adoption of these new-age packaging solutions, and devise proactive approaches to deploy them effectively to gain significant value for both, businesses and consumers.

Genuine use cases which demonstrate how agile, compliant and innovative packaging solutions act as a defense against threats to effective inventory and lifecycle management, enhanced product integrity and superior user experience will also be presented at the event.


  • Impact of global trends on Indian pharma packaging industry
  • Impact of IoT and AI in pharma packaging
  • Driving patient-centricity with intelligent packaging
  • Rethinking packaging for regulatory compliance
  • Dose accuracy and efficacy with packaging
  • Green packaging for sustainability and progress
  • Pharma packaging for competence, compliance and communication
  • Advancements in pharma packaging technology
  • Smart packaging and its potential


A monumental revolution is underway in India Pharma Inc, driven by demographic, epidemiological and economic shifts across the globe.

Enhancing end-to-end-capabilities to drive innovation and value has emerged as a top priority to deal with previously untreatable diseases and raise health outcomes across the globe.

As a result, we are witnessing a synergistic evolution of pharma packaging and labelling as well. Its forms and functions are getting re-imagined in a big way, extending way beyond traditional roles of containment and protection.

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